Do Not Discard Ashes

Andrew's first poetry chapbook, Do Not Discard Ashes, is OUT NOW with The Temz Review's 845 Press.


Some blurbs:


"Do Not Discard Ashes invites you to a volatile family BBQ complete with secret cigarettes shared between teens, old hurts unearthed, and bone-crushing hugs. By sifting through Vancouver's crushed beer cans and long-forgotten roadkill, as well as pop culture and poetry's potpourri, French has truly found a morsel of beauty in grief and decay."

—Brittany Renaud, author of The Algonquin Park Experiments


"From Buzz Lightyear to the city and country of poets around him and beyond, Andrew French dives into a poetics of place and its play of interconnectedness. He emerges on the other side with poems as poly-vocal, tender, and heart-breaking as the world."


—Kevin Spenst, author of Ignite and Jabbering with Bing Bong


"'Not everything is about dying, just life is' writes Andrew French in Do Not Discard Ashes, a chapbook that teems with dogs and squirrels, seals and walruses, Omas and Instagram-mers, butterflies and geese and flamingos and finches, firs and pines and wheat that "stalks the sunlight that stains it." In these open-hearted poems, the world is stained golden: the living and the dead and all that lies beyond us."


—Rob Taylor, author of The News and The Other Side of Ourselves